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We actively cooperate with various clients, those who are looking for workers throughout the year, ie offer permanent jobs to candidates, and with clients who offer employment to candidates exclusively during the summer and / or winter season. That is why we have grouped our current positions in such a way that it is possible to find ads for permanent and seasonal jobs on our website. Seasonal jobs are mostly jobs in the tourism sector, while permanent jobs can be found in all job categories, from the administrative to the health sector. After your application for an open position, based on your CV, we assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the position you have applied for. We review your CV and references in detail, get in direct contact with you and present the client's offer to you in as much detail as possible. In case you are a suitable candidate, we forward your data to clients, who contact you if they think the same.
All the conditions of our open positions depend on the clients and the current situation on the labor market. Our role is to present you the position in detail and connect you with the client with whom you agree on the details and sign the contract directly in the final phase of the agreement.

All current positions are visible on our website. We invite you to register and apply for the appropriate ad, because then you are going to be one step closer to your future job.