In July 2020, Austria will abolish work permits for Croats and many will look for a new job there.

However, many Croatian workers in tourism and hospitality have found their employment there a long time ago and it was not a problem for them to find a job because this profession, as in Croatia, is in demand.

However, the abolition of work permits will liberalize the labor market, so employment in their companies will be easier, without the huge paperwork needed today, not to mention work permits for certain jobs.

It should be noted that in Austria the minimum net monthly salary is 1,200 euros, and workers have a rebate and the 13th and 14th salary in June and January, which is very stimulating. In addition, a worker there, in accordance with Austrian regulations, must have his own labor rights, such as days off, and in the event that Croatian employers in that country do not comply with strict regulations, Austrian inspections are ruthless. Moreover, they are among the most rigorous in Europe and are punished immediately, and their penalties accumulate per offense. This means that for one offense, the penalty is multiplied by the number of workers working in Austria and the number of Austrian partners with whom the Croatian company works. And then those numbers are huge.

This is very beneficial for workers to whom Austria, unlike Germany or Ireland, where many go, is much closer. It is to be expected, therefore, that Austria will become a promised country for many this summer.

Source: Jutarnji list